Gann angles

Advanced traders tend to use the latest indicators to achieve maximum profit. At the same time, professionals never forget the advanced classical strategies that have for a long time demonstrated consistently high efficiency. Gann angles belong to this category. Often this method is called a fan because of the particular arrangement of lines. It allows the trader to more accurately determine a good point to enter the market.

This strategy is based on an analysis of the price trend relative to the rays that come out from a certain point of the graph at a specific angle (45 degrees for the balance). This analytical tool is extremely accurate.
In this method, the ray exit point is always in the zone of extremum. When using Gann Angles, it is worth considering a number of important indicators:

  • range of fluctuations;
  • time period and asset price;
  • geometric market structure;
  • cyclical changes in the market.

A correct analysis of the geometric structure provides an accurate prediction of price dynamics. The cyclical nature of the market also plays a big role. It is not difficult for a trader aware of this issue to determine in which direction the price will move after certain changes.

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