How fraud brokers keep track of traders

Today, one of the most well-known schemes of fraud brokers is the imposition of malware for remote access to financial markets. Scammers offer to install such programs on a PC or smartphone to simplify trading and increase earnings.

An example of such software is the well-known TeamViewer. Scam brokers offer to download this program from their link, which is initially malicious. It already contains trojans that allow fraudsters to spy on a trader and receive any confidential information that is stored on his computer or phone. Thanks to this, pseudo-brokers will be able to carry out any trading manipulations from a trader. In addition, they will gain access to his passwords, billing information, correspondence, etc. Moreover, keyloggers even allow you to listen to the victim’s conversations.

Cooperation with such a broker, of course, will bring only losses. Therefore, traders who have noticed strange things in their relationship with a broker who suggested installing programs like TeamViewer should scan their device with antivirus as soon as possible or contact a qualified cybersecurity IT specialist.

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