Calls with tempting offers

Today, one of the main trends in the financial market is the emergence of a huge number of false brokers who promise potential clients “mountains of gold.” But the result of cooperation with such brokerage companies is always the same – clients are left with nothing. In order not to fall for the bait of such “brokers”, it is necessary to include critical thinking and adhere to several important rules.

Financial pressure

Any fraudulent broker practices financial pressure on a client. As a rule, it is expressed in the hidden blackmail of the trader. For example, a fraudster may claim that in order to withdraw funds, you need to replenish your account in dollars for currency conversion. Scammers can also argue that verification is required to withdraw the money earned. It would seem that this is an ordinary process aimed at protecting the interests of the trader. But in fact, verification is only necessary for the fake broker to receive digital copies of the client’s passport, a photo of a bank card and other confidential personal data. This information “broker” is also likely to be used in their illegal interests.

In a situation where the “brokerage company” begins to blackmail the trader by saying that he will not receive his funds if he does not fulfill certain conditions, in no case should you be led by scammers. Otherwise, you will lose even more money.

Calls with tempting offers

Fraudulent brokers in most cases look for their victims themselves. This is quite natural, given the number of negative reviews about such offices. Traders who approach the choice of a brokerage company responsibly will at least familiarize themselves with the reviews of a potential partner.
But an unexpected phone call with a tempting offer can take a potential victim by surprise. In such a situation, a trader can fall for an “exclusive” offer and give his money to scammers. In order not to fall into such a trap, traders should always first get acquainted with the activities of the brokerage company and the reviews about it. Also, you should never give in to the persuasion of the “broker” to replenish the account as soon as possible, otherwise his “exclusive” offer will cease to operate. In the matter of choosing a brokerage company, haste is not the best assistant!

If you find yourself in the situations described, be sure to share your experience. Any feedback will help other traders avoid unwanted meeting with scammers.

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