ALOR BROKER reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

ALOR-BROKER is a fraudulent brokerage organization that drains deposits of its clients into its pocket somewhere in the offshore zone. Illegal actions of this company have long been the property of the general public, however many traders are still being led to fraudulent schemes of thieves from ALOR BROKER.

The main focus of these scammers is SCAM. They use the funds of clients for their own selfish purposes. These bastards are not afraid of numerous complaints and negative reviews. Their sole purpose is a complete divorce of the client and his bankruptcy.

Most of the traders who fell for the tricks of these bastards, complain about problems with the withdrawal of funds. Non-payment of money can last for months, and sometimes for years. At the same time, for their financial crimes, the scammers from ALOR BROKER have not yet suffered any punishment.

Most often, this would-be broker refuses to give customers money on the pretext of verification problems. There are cases when ALOR-BROKER clients were deceived by 3 million rubles! At the same time, the insolence of this sharashkina office had the audacity to offer the client to make another deposit to win back the lost money! Well, that forex-trader had the strength to stop this mockery!

These scam artists not only block accounts, but also use more sophisticated divorce schemes. For example, they send out “professionals” who, with their “advice”, help to reset a traders account.

On the Internet you can find positive reviews about this company. But they are all written by ALOR-BROKER managers or paid-up copywriters. These reviews describe extremely positive moments, although in reality there is nothing positive in the work of this office.

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