Alpha Forex reviews – cheaters !!! SCAM !!!

Alpha Forex reviews – cheaters !!! SCAM !!!

Alpha Forex – another kitchen broker, created exclusively in order to breed suckers. This office has a huge amount of negative reviews, but it still works and attracts a large number of forex-traders, who subsequently merge deposits and become bankrupt. 

This dealing center dilutes customers in all available ways. But the main problem for Alfa Forex customers is non-payment of money. Withdrawal problems are experienced by 9 out of 10 clients of this dubious project. At the same time, the broker himself writes off all problems with verification.

Most often, speculators from Alpha Forex use the classic fraudulent scheme:

  • first, the potential client is processed using empty promises;
  • then he replenishes the account;
  • In the end, it all ends with the discharge of a deposit or blocking of an account.

Such a scheme of SCAM activity is typical for most broker scam. At the same time, Alfa-Forex and other similar offices have not yet suffered any punishment for their financial crimes.

The illegal actions of the thieves from Alfa-Forex have already reached a multi-million scale. There are dozens of cases where the bastards from this office bred their customers by seven-digit amounts.

The gamblers from this company are impudently deceiving users and are not afraid of being punished for the simple reason – Alpha Forex is registered in the offshore zone and is not regulated in any way in the Russian Federation.

Throwed clients of this company constantly collect collective complaints and appeal to the courts of various instances. But all their attempts to restore justice are in vain, since the scammers from Alfa-Forex are “covered” by serious people who can be described in one word – scumbag.

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