BCS Forex reviews – SCAM !!!

BCS Forex is another example of a kitchen broker who works exclusively for divorcing clients for money. The main principle of this broker is to deceive customers and reset their accounts at any cost.

The thieves from BCS Forex are most often bred their customers by blocking withdrawals. Scammers from this company explain the non-payment of money with problems with verification, in order to pass which customers need to meet almost two dozen stringent requirements. All this is done in order to block the client’s account and not give up the investments made earlier and the resulting profit.

Problems with withdrawing funds are not the only difficulties that BCS Forex clients may face. This broker is also known for constant problems with the operation of the trading platform. Because of these problems, thousands of traders suffered multimillion-dollar losses. At the same time, representatives of this dealing center respond to all reasonable complaints from traders with general phrases or completely ignore negative reviews.

Clients of this kitchen are very often not shy about expressions. This is understandable, because due to fraudulent schemes and illegal actions of the thieves from BCS Forex, many traders fell into hopeless debt pits. Cooperation with this dubious project always ends in bankruptcy and debt.

Clients of this company also complain about the constant manipulation of quotes, which scammers from BCS Forex use to deceive users and drain deposits.

In general, the Internet can find dozens of examples of financial crimes of this office. Feeling their impunity, the managers of this company will continue to breed naive traders. Therefore, in no case give these criminals your money. Otherwise, you will be bankrupt!

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