BMFN reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

BMFN is a dealing center with a reputation as a fraudster, which exists only for divorcing customers and draining deposits. Forex traders who are planning to cooperate with BMFN, it is worth knowing that this dubious project does not have a license to conduct brokerage activities. In addition, it is registered offshore and is not regulated by Russian law. These facts open up huge opportunities for BMFN scammers to commit financial crimes and unlawful acts.

The Internet is available a variety of negative reviews about the activities of this broker. In most comments, traders report problems with withdrawals. Successful customers of this company cannot withdraw their money for a long time. The broker explains the non-payment of money problems with verification. But traders themselves complain that everything is much simpler – BMFN is a kitchen broker, which is characterized by SCAM and various fraudulent schemes aimed at deceiving and divorcing customers.

In order to pick up the client’s money, BMFN’s scum use a variety of schemes: terminal manipulation, trade simulation, illegal account blocking, etc.

This broker also has a long order opening and slow customer service. All these are links of one chain – BMFN exists only for the divorce of clients for money.

At the same time, the BMFN broker positions itself as a serious company. But numerous facts of deception speak of something else. The bankruptcy is shining for the clients of this muddy organization, at best, and a debt pit at worst. That is why traders in no case should not believe the promises of thieves from BMFN. For successful trading you should find another more reliable partner.

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