BNB Options reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

BNB Options is a dealing center that is known for numerous scam and customer fraud facts. Funders from the BNB Options bred customers by simulating trade on the kitchen platform.

The fact that the BNB Options is a scam, is evidenced by the numerous negative reviews of clients of this company. In their comments forex traders report persistent problems with the withdrawal of funds. Representatives of this dubious project explain the failure to pay money problems with user verification. However, in fact, the lack of withdrawal is due to the fact that the scammers from BNB Options have long since stolen all the money from customers’ accounts.

Scam of BNB Options are well aware of their impunity in Russia and other CIS countries. Thanks to offshore “registration”, this broker commits with impunity numerous illegal actions and financial crimes.

Forex traders should know that this company operates according to the standard kitchen broker scheme. It all starts with the promises of smart managers who try to lure customers in various ways. After the trader got hooked and replenished the account, the broker’s attitude towards him instantly changes. The thieves from BNB Options by any means try to drain the client’s deposit and block the withdrawal of funds.

After completing its main task, the bastards from BNB Options instantly disappear and ignore any customer complaints.

Knowing about their impunity, they can use a variety of fraudulent schemes. Therefore, traders who are planning to start cooperation with this dubious project, you need to think about their prospects. And they will certainly not be bright. All clients of BNB Options end up either bankrupt or debtors.

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