BrokerCapital reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

BrokerCapital is a dealing center which among experienced traders is called a scam for newbies. This dubious project has managed to ruin thousands of forex traders who believed the empty promises of scammers and scammers from Broker Capital.

Scum from BrokerCapital do not worry about their fate, as they are confident in their impunity. Thanks to the offshore “registration” and the lack of licenses, the activities of this company are not controlled by Russian regulators. Consequently, any financial crimes and unlawful actions committed by representatives of Broker Capital will not entail any penalties.

Customers of this company are constantly complaining about problems with the withdrawal of funds. Representatives of this troubled organization of non-payment of money is explained by problems with user verification. But in fact, this is just another excuse, designed to hide the SCAM and the next fraudulent scheme.

The negative feedback from traders also mentions another problem of this broker – boorish behavior of managers and support service representatives. For these people, traders are “cash cows” that can be cheated and raised for money.

Traders also report that BrokerCapital manages to “sell” its clients to other brokers with unfavorable terms of cooperation.

BrokerCapital is a brokerage organization that does not deserve the attention of traders. This company works exclusively on discharging customer deposits and their ruin. She will not allow her clients to earn a penny. On the contrary, all clients of this broker end up bankrupt or debtors. Therefore, it is worth thinking twice before giving your money to these scammers.

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