FINAM FX reviews – SCAMMERS !!! SCAM !!!

FINAM FX is a dealing center that has become famous for its unprecedented fraudulent schemes and total deception of its clients. Studying the negative reviews about this company, it becomes clear that all the information that is distributed by representatives of FINAM FX on the Internet is not true.

Funers from FINAM FX constantly violate the terms of the client agreement and commit illegal actions in their own interests. At the same time, no representative of FINAM FX has been punished for their financial crimes.

Forex traders who believe this broker’s empty promises regularly complain about account blocking and non-payment of money.

Problems with the withdrawal of funds swindlers from FINA FX most often explain the lack of user verification. However, according to the company’s clients, the problems with verification are simply an excuse that scum managers use to divorce traders into grandmas.

Fraudulent actions of thieves from FINAM FX have led to hundreds of customers of this company becoming bankrupt and debtors. As a result of the SCAM activities of this dubious project, traders lost thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

The fraudulent activity of this broker is not only in draining deposits and stealing funds from clients’ accounts. This company is also known that its representatives intimidate customers and demand threats from replenishing deposits with threats.

FINAM FX is a prime example of how kitchen brokers act. Such organizations are trying to put pressure on the trader in various ways. Wanting to benefit, they will stop at nothing. At the same time thrown traders always remain in bankruptcy. Therefore, this broker should not trust their money under any circumstances.

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