Grand Capital (Grand Capital Ltd) – !!! SCAM !!!

The dealing center Grand Capital (Grand Capital Ltd) systematically commits financial crimes. Behind this black broker a large number of violations were noticed. Swindlers deceive everyone without exception. To successfully implement their fraudulent schemes, they use cunning manipulations and methods of simulating trade. They create the conditions for a person to fully trust words and promises. After professional processing, the client is ready to replenish the account without a doubt.

They do not steal money right away in order to lure as a result to the maximum. At first you may notice that you are earning. You will wake up excitement and confidence in the project. In such a situation, almost everyone will want to make a fortune, so they will take a big risk. In addition, this broker will say that your funds are in complete safety. They allegedly insure, using advanced programs. But all this is a blatant lie, since not one of the deals is even launched on the market.

With this scammer you will not only spend time and merge your deposit, but also put your bank account in danger. Typically, brokers request passport data from clients. But FRAUDERS use personal data to enrich themselves. They steal money from a credit card and bank account. Such cases in the forex market are not uncommon. Do not drop scanned copies of your passport to suspicious companies if you do not want to end up in a debt hole.

We warn all users who are now thinking about starting a partnership with Grand Capital (Grand Capital Ltd). Read the reviews and draw conclusions. Look at the opinions of real people. Please note that there are paid positive answers on the network. They mislead traders. Do not repeat their mistakes and only work with trusted companies.

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