OFG INVEST reviews – cheaters !!! SCAM !!!

OFG INVEST is a dealing center, whose main task is to deceive customers and divorce them into grandmothers. Judging by the reviews of hundreds of deceived clients, the scammers from UFG INVEST successfully cope with these tasks.

A special feature of the scam of this company is cynical. They are ready to take the last money even from seriously ill people who put it off for surgery and treatment.

This forex broker uses standard fraudulent schemes. First, the cunning managers promise their customers the “golden mountains” and lure as large a deposit as possible. After the money is made and the problems begin. They can block an account, enter into transactions without the client’s knowledge, or simply steal his money. At the same time, there is absolute impunity for this broker-thief. Bastards from this office still have not suffered any punishment for their financial crimes.

Studying customer reviews of this broker, it becomes clear that no trader is satisfied with the quality of its services. This broker alternates illegal actions with devil-may-care attitude towards clients. As a result, all UFG INVEST clients sooner or later become bankrupt and debtors.

In the negative reviews about this company it is reported that its customers somehow go into a minus. And if you’re lucky, you still have problems with the withdrawal of funds. And usually, non-payment of money is explained by problems with verification.

Summarizing, we can say that this broker is a typical example of a kitchen characterized by SCAM and impunity. It is not yet known a single case when a deceived trader was able to take his money from this company. Swindlers from UFG INVEST are ready to dissolve any person, regardless of his financial position and status in society.

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