VTB Forex Reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

VTB Forex is a dealing center that is known for breeding people for grandmothers without the slightest remorse. Despite its solid sign, this company is an ordinary kitchen that works on the discharge of deposits. Therefore, traders who plan to invest in the financial market should not rush to invest their savings in this dubious project.

The main problem of this broker is the lack of a license to operate in the Russian Federation. Thanks to the offshore “registration”, VTB-Forex has tremendous opportunities to manipulate customer accounts and commit illegal actions.

The absence of a regulator allows scammers from this company to block the accounts of Russian clients with impunity. Because of this, many traders have problems with withdrawing funds. Representatives of the broker explain the non-payment of money problems with verification. But in fact, more than half of Russian traders failed to collect their money and went bankrupt.

Traders also complain about regular slippage, incorrect operation of the trading terminal and hanging servers. All this is done to ensure that traders have withdrawn the deposit and have no legal basis to return their money.

But sometimes this broker uses primitive fraudulent schemes. They block access to the trading account and “clean” it to zero. In this case, any complaints of the trader will be ignored. This broker doesn’t care about his reputation. He exists only for deception and divorce for money.

Summing up, it is worthwhile to emphasize that this forex broker is a typical scam for the divorce of newbies and trustful traders. The leaders of this project are banal fraudsters who constantly cheat users and do not bear the punishment for it.

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