Zerich reviews – scams !!! SCAM !!!

Zerich is a dealing center that is widely known for its financial crimes and fraudulent schemes. The main task of the representatives of this company is the divorce of customers into headstock

Most clients claim that from the very first days of cooperation with this company, illegal actions have been observed, indicating that Zerich is a dubious project that is not credible. Clients of this broker complain that the company’s managers do not get in touch, the technical support service ignores the requests of traders, there is no registration instruction, etc.

The main problem of Zerich clients is non-payment of money. In the negative reviews about this company, almost all customers talk about the problem of money withdrawal. And this problem is aggravated every day. If earlier fraudsters from Zerich only delayed the issuance of funds, now they have generally suspended this process. Representatives of the broker explain the lack of withdrawal problems with verification, but any experienced forex trader is well aware that this is just an excuse.

One of the main features of Zerich is the presence of a “novice trader course”. But judging by the customer reviews, this course is another attempt to dissolve newcomers to the financial market.

Zerich is another example of a kitchen broker who, under the guise of reliable organization, is trying to deceive clients in many different ways. Scum from Zerich will do everything possible to merge a client’s deposit or block an account, and then assign themselves all the money of a trader.

Only one thing is surprising – why has the Zerich company, which has committed hundreds of illegal actions, still not been punished? The answer to this question is very simple – Zerich is “covered” by very influential people who constantly receive kickbacks from funds that were stolen from deceived clients.

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