Forex trading strategies without indicators

Indicatorless trading is based on making decisions on the release of critical news. This approach allows traders to open orders in real time. In the case of indicators, the information comes to the trader late. As a result, a large amount of profit is lost.

The first strategy is called “Start.” It is advisable to use it only during the London session. The strategy will not require much time, since it is possible to trade within its framework only 3 hours a day. The essence of the method is to use two pending multi-sided orders in order to determine the mood of traders on the exchange. The profitability of the strategy reaches 60% per month.

The “Inside Bar” method is suitable for beginners and experienced investors. Novice traders can use it to trade one pattern at a time. Professionals prefer to use this strategy in conjunction with other approaches to trade. It is recommended to set the timeframe from M5 to M15.

The name of the third strategy speaks for itself – “Lazy trader”. This approach will require only 30 minutes of attention from the investor per week. During this time, it is possible to have time to analyze the charts, as well as open and close orders. The strategy is based on the behavior of the Japanese yen.

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