How are new traders bred?

Novice traders are an easy money for scammers. To deceive black brokers do not even have to use sophisticated methods. They use imitation of trade, aggressive advertising and loud slogans. Many dishonest companies inflate spreads and additional commissions. Often in the context of cooperation there are “pitfalls”. Beginners are lured by the possibility of using automated trading. But instead of a robot advisor, a novice trader receives a deposit drain.

A separate direction of enrichment for fraudsters are trust management programs. Investors without knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis willingly agree to the “very profitable” conditions of brokers. The main task of a dishonest company in this case is to increase the level of trust. Impressed by the allegedly excellent reputation, investors are happy to give up their savings. As a result, such actions lead to large financial losses.

Beginners should remember about security measures – cooperate only with officially verified organizations, check license data and be afraid of unrealistically attractive conditions. Consider that frankly large amounts can receive traders with sufficient experience. Beginners should concentrate on learning, rather than on dreams of the golden mountains.

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