Not everyone will suffer losses: lucrative stocks during a pandemic

Despite the pessimistic sentiments associated with the economic crisis, not all assets bring losses to their owners. The shares of a number of companies not only stay afloat, but also significantly increased in price. A steady trend is observed in certain sectors of the global economy.

The stock market crash in 2020 was not a complete surprise. Talk about the impending fall in the value of securities was discussed throughout 2019. And yet, not all suffered losses. Shares of some companies appreciably added to the price.

High-tech life

The natural growth in demand for remote work software and various formats of Internet conferences has increased the popularity of corporate instant messengers, services for video conferencing and information storage. In the near future, the value of shares will increase or have already risen:

  • Slack Technologies.
  • Zoom Video Communications.
  • Citrix Systems.

In addition to applications for working in conditions of self-isolation, the demand for everything related to online entertainment is also growing. Shares of streaming services like Netflix and before the crisis brought a good return. Now they have every chance of becoming a real gold mine. People on self-isolation are increasing spending on entertainment content. Another win-win option – the shares of companies that produce video games and consoles. Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard leave their competitors far behind.

Hygiene and medicines

Pharmaceutical stocks will be trending for a long time even after the pandemic. The consequences of coronavirus will be so tangible that states will be required to allocate much more to medicine. The value of shares of high-tech companies inventing drugs and vaccines against dangerous diseases can increase several times. For example, the capitalization of Gilead Sciences in just a month grew by more than 30%.

In addition to medicines, hygiene items are also in great demand. Owners of Clorox wet wipe maker stocks last month increased their starting investment by 17%. Judging by how customers empty shelves in the department of hygiene products, next month the company’s capitalization will grow by a few tens of percent.

In times of crisis, it is not necessary to convert all assets into gold and currency. The collapse of the exchange reduces the number of promising options for investment, but there is still room for successful maneuvers.

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