Schemes for cheating clients in the Forex market and binary options

Unfortunately, there have always been plenty of gullible traders willing to get funds on the exchanges. The client is in conditions of a lack of information and cannot personally control what is happening on the platform. There are also many ways to psychologically influence the victim’s consciousness and emotional state.
Brokers can receive client funds only after replenishing the deposit, so most fraudulent schemes are thought out several steps ahead. The psychological aspect is as important here as the technical one. The only way to avoid disappointment is to thoroughly research the possible ways to cheat even before meeting the scammers.
Classics of the genre
The standard divorce scheme looks like this: a newbie is given a chance to win a little, whet the appetite and take everything away in a few transactions, when the chances of getting more money are close to zero. There are more than enough methods of psychological influence. The client is often called from the office and informed that one of these days there will be an opportunity to hit a big jackpot on a profitable deal. You just need to add more money to your deposit. The victim succumbs to provocation and is deprived of funds in “unsuccessful” auctions. Technically, it is not difficult to cheat on Forex and on options: the platform owner completely controls it and manages it manually. These can be sudden candles, slippages, and many other “problems” on the platform. Some scammers don’t even bother with complicated schemes and just block the deposit account.
Tempting offer
The strategic task of any swindler is to eliminate the suspicions of a potential victim. The easiest way to do this is with promises of quick money. Most people dream of hitting a big jackpot and enjoying themselves. Thinking about a villa and an expensive car, traders forget to read reviews about the broker, and sometimes even the terms of the deal offered by him. The only way to avoid disappointment is to stop believing in miracles.
Study all the available information about the broker’s activities and do not rush to transfer large amounts to a deposit.

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