New tricks and tricks of black brokers

Forex speculators are constantly inventing new cheating schemes. The old options are already familiar to most traders, and the influx of gullible newbies does not cover the growing appetites. The new schemes are not suspicious and, as a rule, do not clearly violate the law. Therefore, it is better to study them before confronting fraudulent brokers.
Experienced scammers have recently decided to make money on newbies by providing services for recovering savings from the clutches of other scammers. The calculation is quite simple: the client does not expect a catch from potential “helpers” and is inattentive to details. New schemes have spread to all Forex markets relatively recently and are not yet known to most traders.
Alleged reputation manipulation
Deception of fraudsters hurts not only the wallet, but also the pride of a person. In anger, a deceived trader often seeks justice, easily agreeing to various offers of help from outsiders. Swindlers have skillfully learned to use this feature of human psychology. Search for victims usually takes place on forums where victims of deception post their complaints. Fraudsters find people who have lost large sums and offer to conduct an information attack on a fraudulent broker for a relatively small reward, forcing him to return the funds to the client. Sometimes, such offers come from the same company that stole the money. Of course, no one conducts any information attacks. The purpose of the scammers is to pay for services (usually at least $ 1,000).
Return service fees
Another working option is help from a “legal” company in the issue of a refund. Representatives of the legal entity offer a potential victim a refund to a crypto wallet on an unknown platform. If the trader agrees, he will have to pay for opening the wallet, the tax on the funds accrued on him and the withdrawal commission. Thus, additional funds are taken from the victim of the fraud 3 times.
Now traders run the risk of losing money not only on trading, but also on trying to achieve justice. Follow our news to avoid such problems. We regularly publish reviews of the Forex markets and disclose trending fraud schemes.

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