w to return funds from fraud brokers?

Many traders are deceived or dissatisfied with the result of the trade, seeking to return their funds. But it is not always possible to carry out this procedure. Knowing the rules of return, you can take advantage of the chance to restore justice.

First of all, it is worth noting in what situations you can make a return. It is better not to do anything if the funds were transferred through an electronic payment system. In this case, it is impossible to return the money back.

The most effective way to chargeback applies to transactions that were carried out through Visa or Mastercard. This path is long, difficult and time consuming. First, try to negotiate with the broker. If the conversation with the company did not give the desired result, you can begin the return procedure.

In the bank servicing the card it is necessary to make a statement about the return of money to the account. Do not indicate fraud in the reasons. Otherwise, the bank will refer you to the police, which will significantly slow down the process. Well, if you can attach to this document a copy of the agreement with the broker. The agreement should clearly see all the conditions of cooperation, the rights and obligations of the parties.

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