EToro broker

This black broker launched his activities in the field of social trading. Even experienced market participants are not familiar with this concept, not to mention newcomers. It is this feature that cunning scam brokers use.

Many sites publish reviews of such companies and inform users of potential threats. These projects have a very important function. Only a serious approach will at least partially solve the problem.

Specialized sites urge not to even look towards social trading and eToro. On such resources you can find a large number of sad stories. All of them are about big financial losses. Only a few managed to at least slightly avoid a sad fate and save most of their savings.

There is information that credit card details are stolen in this kitchen. Scammers create the conditions for increasing the level of trust. At a certain point, the client independently provides the fraudster with all the necessary information, without even knowing about it.

Never send scanned copies of documents to this office. Otherwise, you risk falling into a debt hole. This organization will do everything to ensure that you give back your last savings.

This scam, unfortunately, will never end. There are always new gullible investors who seek quick enrichment. Scammers will not stop using it. They will come up with an all-new scheme.

But today we have the opportunity to at least partially combat this evil. By increasing the amount of information on the network about illegal actions, you can achieve a significant improvement in the situation. You can also contribute to the development of this process – leave comments or write reviews under the publication.

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