ForexChief-!!! SCAM !!!

ForexChief is a broker that supposedly appeared in 2014. In fact, there is currently no official information on the date of issue of the license. Analysts could not find other information that may indicate the fact of fair trade. But it’s like negative reviews are online without any problems. This is not an honest financial […]

EToro broker-!!! SCAM !!!

This black broker launched his activities in the field of social trading. Even experienced market participants are not familiar with this concept, not to mention newcomers. It is this feature that cunning scam brokers use. Many sites publish reviews of such companies and inform users of potential threats. These projects have a very important function. […]!!! SCAM !!!

There are a lot of scammers in the Forex market. But with the organization, few can compete in terms of arrogance. These swindlers do not spare anyone, they have only one goal – to deceive the client and lure him all the money. In general, these thieves work according to the standard scheme. They […]

Forex FS-!!! SCAM !!!

On the network you will find a large amount of information indicating the fact of fraud by the Forex FS broker. People write about deposit drain, problems with verification and other difficulties. On the company’s website you will not find any signs of a scam. These thieves made sure to inspire confidence in every trader. […]

Forex Euroclub-!!! SCAM !!!

Forex Euroclub tricksters will stop at nothing. They lure money in various ways and dump everything from a deposit to a penny. Beginner traders do not have the slightest chance, because it is precisely on them that sophisticated methods are oriented. Be careful and do not dump your data to suspicious companies. Keep in mind […]

Finmax-!!! SCAM !!!

Finmax’s reputation has been ruined irrevocably. Finding scam confirmation on the net is not a problem. Many deceived people do not want to put up with injustice and leave a large number of complaints. Such vigorous activity on the part of former clients is most negatively reflected in reputation. Now even the paid positive reviews […]

Dukascopy-!!! SCAM !!!

Dukascopy ruthlessly treats all traders. Especially for beginners. They do not have experience on the exchange, so they become easy prey. The data on the site many trust. All this leads to large-scale deception. Negative reviews appear on the network, and specialized sites warn investors of potential dangers. Some users take the initiative to collect […]

Dragon Options-!!! SCAM !!!

Dragon Options customers are systematically having trouble withdrawing funds. This is evidenced by negative reviews and stories from the personal experience of traders. These swindlers brazenly deceive people, promising the best conditions for cooperation. The rules of work are frankly implausible, but newcomers with no experience willingly give money to these FRAUDERS. Verification problems are […]

DIF Broker-!!! SCAM !!!

At DIF Broker, they can freely reject an account, merge a deposit and forever forget about a cheated trader. Here it is quite common practice. The broker never engaged in honest trading at all. Do not even think about cooperation with this company if you want to maintain a stable financial position. With their sophisticated […]

DF Markets-!!! SCAM !!!

Broker DF Markets has been spotted in illegal activities that are a potential danger to traders. There is official evidence that people are being deceived and the deposit is being drained. Negative reviews and expert opinions indicate that it is dangerous to work with this company. Do not think that this misfortune will bypass you. […]

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