Dukascopy-!!! SCAM !!!

Dukascopy ruthlessly treats all traders. Especially for beginners. They do not have experience on the exchange, so they become easy prey. The data on the site many trust. All this leads to large-scale deception.

Negative reviews appear on the network, and specialized sites warn investors of potential dangers. Some users take the initiative to collect more real stories and tell everyone about these SCAMS. Unfortunately, even such vigorous activity does not produce significant results.

The black broker is gaining momentum – more and more new investors are being scammed. Some do not even know about cheating. They refer to personal failure, as a result of which they leave the forex market.

Some of the defrauded customers fall for money a second time. All this suggests that the managers of the fraudulent project are very skilled in manipulation.

Do not rely on personal experience in working with these crooks. SCAM-broker earns not only for beginners. Its victims are also very experienced and progressive traders.

Please note that the activities of this organization are not regulated by any institutions. This allows them to do whatever they wish. All official documents on the site can be a complete craft.

Do not provide these liars with your passport data or other personal data. Having a phone number already provokes managers – they move on to action. The employees of this black organization will not give you rest. They will promise mountains of gold and apply the most sophisticated methods of persuasion.

You will never be able to withdraw money from this project. Many traders have already suffered from these bastards. Do not repeat their mistakes and be vigilant.

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