Finmax-!!! SCAM !!!

Finmax’s reputation has been ruined irrevocably. Finding scam confirmation on the net is not a problem. Many deceived people do not want to put up with injustice and leave a large number of complaints. Such vigorous activity on the part of former clients is most negatively reflected in reputation. Now even the paid positive reviews will not help the broker.

If you have information, then share it – write a review on a specialized site or look at the comments under this publication. THESE FRAUDERS must be punished. Unfortunately, the case has not yet reached the trial. It is hoped that their activities will still be liquidated.

We recommend urgently withdrawing money if you are a client of this black broker. In any case, he will deceive you and merge the deposit. Perhaps you still have a chance to save your own funds.

Verification problems with scammers’ clients arise systematically. This company is constantly committing financial crimes. They create an imitation of trading, which is what causes confidence among novice traders. Many investors after working with this scam forever put an end to the opportunity to earn money on the exchange. Do not repeat their mistakes and do not believe the information from the official site.

Please note that there are paid reviews about this scammer on the network. Do not let yourself circle around your finger. Do not throw away any data to these deceivers if you want to stay with money and not replenish the list of victims.

This black broker delays the withdrawal process as much as possible, and as a result does not get in touch with the client. In technical support, they do not pick up the phone and do everything so that a person never sees his money again. We strongly recommend that you refrain from cooperating with this fraudulent project.

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