Dragon Options-!!! SCAM !!!

Dragon Options-!!! SCAM !!!

Dragon Options customers are systematically having trouble withdrawing funds. This is evidenced by negative reviews and stories from the personal experience of traders.

These swindlers brazenly deceive people, promising the best conditions for cooperation. The rules of work are frankly implausible, but newcomers with no experience willingly give money to these FRAUDERS.

Verification problems are complemented by ongoing technical problems with the trading platform. It is simply impossible to work – the spread flies, the withdrawal of funds is interrupted.

At the same time, the broker does not reply to all messages. As a last resort, they can answer you by mail. In letters there is always one text indicating the fault of the investor. The rules of cooperation really remove all responsibility from the broker, but not every client was familiar with them from the very beginning.

All attempts to return the deposit lead to failure. You will never be able to restore justice. Everything initially works against the investor, therefore it is better to immediately abandon the prospect of working with Dragon Options systematically. Here you are guaranteed to wait for the deposit to drain.

You can’t count on entering the real market. Replenishing the account, you give away your money forever. No trading tools will ever bring you profit. These scammers do not just specialize in binary options. With this financial instrument, it is always easier to get rid of liability.

This dealing center has never been registered in the official registry. The constituent documents on the site are a real fake. You can lose your money in a couple of days. Do not think that you have control over your personal account. The broker can reset the account at any time. The discharge of the deposit in this case is only a matter of time.

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