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ForexChief is a broker that supposedly appeared in 2014. In fact, there is currently no official information on the date of issue of the license. Analysts could not find other information that may indicate the fact of fair trade. But it’s like negative reviews are online without any problems. This is not an honest financial company, it is a black broker who is able to circle any trader’s finger.

Do not believe a single word from the manager of this dubious project. Always remember that there are a large number of deceived customers of this company. They suffered because of their gullibility and vile manipulations. Do not repeat their mistakes and be extremely attentive to any new broker, and especially to ForexChief.

This kitchen is not professional. They just know how to mislead naive beginners. They always act according to the worked out scheme, although it is possible that there are a large number of fraud plans in their stock. Purposeful managers always strive to finish the job, so try to completely eliminate any contact with them.

After draining the deposit, you will definitely not be able to contact company representatives. In extreme cases, they may give you a short answer that will indicate your own fault – the money has allegedly merged due to incorrect setup of the trading platform or another invented reason.

We recommend immediately adding all the numbers of this project to the black list. You will not have time to look back how you will give your money to these FRAUDERS. Do not feed yourself with hopes that you are lucky. The broker will convince you of this. Remember that you cannot prove your case – financial crimes are very difficult to qualify.

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