On the network you will find a large amount of information indicating the fact of fraud by the Forex FS broker. People write about deposit drain, problems with verification and other difficulties. On the company’s website you will not find any signs of a scam. These thieves made sure to inspire confidence in every trader.

But it is worth visiting at least once a specialized site. On independent resources you will find extremely negative reviews. Nobody has managed to earn money with this broker. The terminal intends to trade against the client. There are real facts about the discharge of the deposit, so do not question this information.

Many people lose thousands of dollars working with this scammer. Clients of the organization fall into a debt hole and have problems with banks. It turns out that money is drained not only from a deposit on the site, but also from a bank account. Funds are stolen from everyone without exception.
The dealing center does not bring any deals to the market. FRAUDERS will not give you a chance to return the money. They use sophisticated trading simulation methods, so you will not know anything until the deposit is drained.

Internet services are filled with information that Forex FS brazenly throw people. On the phone, a cheated trader can run into a boorish manager. Almost everyone is told the same thing – they themselves are to blame. Fraudsters always cite a lack of customer experience. But the truth is that this company initially creates such rules of the game. You can not do anything, because it is very difficult to punish thieves and prevent negative consequences. If you are already a client of the broker, then hurry to withdraw money. Perhaps the deposit has not yet been leaked, and you will not suffer. Stay away from such projects so as not to create problems for yourself.

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