How do brokers breed their clients?

Today, there are a large number of technology fraud in the Forex market. Some brokers come up with these sophisticated methods of divorce. Others do not put a lot of effort and run their fingers around the most unprepared investors. Imitation of trade is most often used. The trader is told that deals are being brought directly to the market. In fact, at this time he is dealing with a specially written program. Dealing centers work according to this scheme. Cooperation with such institutions is almost always granite with great risks.

In the foreign exchange market, fraud technology is particularly in demand. It comes down to attracting a large number of transactions. Due to them, a significant money supply is formed. After that, the broker will use special methods to reverse the market. As a result, the positions on the chart are shifted. Investors are given the worst size quotes.

Another technology is fixing damages. Within its framework, brokers make profits at the expense of positions that are open for more than 2 days. Dealing centers can independently determine critical values ​​by a stop-out, so they can always stay in the black and get more money at the expense of inexperienced investors.

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