How does the broker part on commissions?

Black brokers tend to make money on naive traders in various ways. One option is to provide deliberately false information regarding the commission. Not all novice investors fully understand what they pay for the dealing center. That is why problems often arise in the form of deposit plums and other troubles.

Conscientious companies make a profit due to the spread – this is the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. The minimum cost can change by 1 point. Each broker independently sets the size of the spread. This means that an unprepared trader can, without hesitation, agree to very unfavorable terms of cooperation.

The most profitable transactions are considered with a minimum spread. In this case, the investor pays a small amount in the form of commissions. But black brokers find other options for earnings. They charge traders for analytics, the economic calendar and account maintenance. Sometimes commissions are simply amazing. Experts advise to get acquainted in detail with the terms of cooperation before the start of trade. Choose to work proven and reputable brokers.

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