How to punish scam brokers

Most of the failures of traders are associated with fraudulent activity of dishonest brokers. Given this fact, traders have a desire to punish scammers, because of which they lost money and went bankrupt. There are several options for this.

The easiest option, but far from always effective, is to contact the police or prosecutors. In order to start the “process”, the trader needs to file a statement about the fact of fraudulent activity. When contacting law enforcement agencies, you should know that a positive result can only be counted on if the funds were stolen from the trading account. If they were lost as a result of trading, the applicant will not be able to rely on the punishment of the broker or on a refund.

An alternative is to go to court. In this case, the trader can count not only on the reimbursement of lost funds, but also on the payment of moral damage. But to achieve this goal you will need the help of an experienced lawyer and documents confirming the facts of fraud. Otherwise, the broker may file a counterclaim against his client, demanding compensation for moral damages for defamation.

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