ICMarkets – !!! SCAM !!!

Typical ICMarkets cuisine steals people who are eager to make money in the Forex market. Their methods are more focused on beginners and investors who are looking for projects for additional income. Regardless of the type of client, scammers use clever fraudulent schemes. Their financial crimes always go unpunished. Many traders do not even realize that they were cheated. They refer to the fact that they lacked experience and knowledge. In this they are expertly convinced by the ICMarkets FRAUD. It is because of this that information about crimes on the part of this organization is not particularly disseminated.

Only on specialized sites can you find evidence of fraud. On such independent portals, deceived people can tell their stories and share their bitter experience. And other resources can lead you astray. The fact is that the thief of ICMarkets systematically removes negative reviews in order to whiten his reputation. Unfortunately, many people will not verify the information and trust the paid resources.

On the official site you will not find any true information at all. The fact is that everything here is framed in bright colors and very convincing. This inspires confidence among potential victims, after which the process of processing clients begins. They will call you daily and attract more and more profitable services. At first you will even make a profit, but remember that this is only an appearance. You can never withdraw your money. Funds have already been blocked. At this point, the broker will already convince you to deposit a larger amount. This is a standard scheme that works almost always. Keep this in mind and do not expose yourself to risk.

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