ICE FX – !!! SCAM !!!

ICE FX is the most common dealing center with which you can lose huge amounts of money. At the same time, swindlers will arrange everything as if the client himself is to blame for what happened. We strongly discourage you from contacting this SCAM. He has already deceived many traders who are now forced to put up with debts. If you also began to cooperate with this organization, then hurry to withdraw all the money from the deposit. Maybe you can manage to avoid failure.

Remember the following indications of fraudulent activity:
• problems with verification;
• frequent slippage;
• deposit plums;
• inability to withdraw funds from your own account;
• fraud in terms of cooperation;
• robots advisers working in the red;
• floating spreads;
• violation of the rules of work.

Teach that in the first stages you may not notice anything. The fact is that scammers really need to inspire confidence in you. After that, they will be able to get the maximum amount. FRAUDERS take advantage of the naivety of novice traders. The divorce is to create an imitation of trade and to lure money from investors. Unfortunately, most often it is impossible to restore justice. Therefore, it is better to maintain extreme caution and attentiveness when building relationships with a new broker.

We advise you to visit specialized forums and help portals. There you will find true stories of people who have suffered because of this scammer. Look at their complaints and draw conclusions for yourself.

ICE FX is not the broker you need to collaborate with. This is a vile scammer who seeks to lure all the money and go unpunished. We hope that you face the truth and do not make a fatal mistake.

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