How not to get hung up on trading and not fall into a stupor

Many traders overly focus on market analysis. This leads to negative consequences in cases where you need to make a decision quickly. A successful trader can reasonably reason in real trading conditions. This allows him to act promptly, without making mistakes.

It should be more involved in the process, rather than making plans for 10 steps forward. Do not be strongly influenced by the results of previous transactions. This is a big mistake not only for beginners. Even experienced investors often rely on this fallacy. Understand that this does not matter.

Analytical stupor

This situation arises when thinking about all scenarios. By analyzing the little things, you can skip really important changes. Do not plunge into fear and doubt. Remember that even with advanced financiers, not all transactions are successful. Do not forget about the diversification of risks – predict the level of profit and possible loss.

Be decisive and moderately active. Do not let doubt take hold of you. Use real opportunities instead of sorting out a large number of scenarios.

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