HQ Broker – !!! SCAM !!!

Negative reviews of this kitchen indicate that HQ Broker never worked honestly. They created a very positive image for themselves, which captivates many newcomers. On the official website you will always find extremely favorable conditions and no hint of deception. But the truth is that all this is a lie. Thieves have already made a fortune on people who want to achieve great success in the Forex market without relevant experience.

It is worth noting that advanced investors also became victims of the organization. They were offered trust management on favorable terms. Many agreed, after which they lost everything that was invested. Most unlucky were the people who, after such cooperation, also found themselves in great debt. The fact is that with the worst possible outcome of the events, the thief dumped all the money from the credit account. It is often impossible to prove the fact of fraud to the bank.

The financial crimes of this black broker always go unpunished. Many people know that fraud is poorly qualified in terms of legislation. That is why the black market is booming, and the number of kitchens is only increasing. Do not let fraudsters circle themselves around the finger. Check information, verify data so as not to worsen your financial situation.

Former HQ Broker customers say the first doubts began after frequent slippage. Advisor robots did not bring benefits, but merged the entire deposit. At the same time, they claimed in technical support that traders themselves were to blame for this outcome. Locking your account is one of the last points of a scam. Even after that, they may tell you that you have violated something, after which your personal account has been frozen.

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