AvaTrade reviews – SCAMMERS !!! SCAM !!!

AvaTrade is a dealing center that is known for its fraudulent schemes designed to divorce traders for money. In their negative reviews, clients of this broker emphasize that AvaTrade exists only de jure. In fact, the scammers from AvaTrade have long taken away all the money from customers and are resting somewhere in the offshore zone.

The reason for doubting the honesty of this company may be considered its offshore “registration”. AvaTrade registered in the Virgin Islands. Therefore, this broker does not care about Russian legislation. This circumstance allows scammers from Avatrade to regularly commit financial crimes. In Russia, no scum from this company has been punished for SCAM and other illegal actions.

Reviews that can be found on the Internet indicate that customers of this dubious project have constant problems with the withdrawal of funds. Failure to pay money swindlers from AvaTrade explain the problems with user verification. At the same time, the traders themselves say that there are no problems, and the lack of money is due to the fact that AvaTrade is a typical kitchen broker.

In their work, the razvodili from AvaTrade use other fraudulent schemes: terminal manipulation, slippage, trade imitation, etc. All this is done with the aim of zeroing profitable transactions and draining deposits of successful forex traders.

There are also rumors spread on the Internet that this office will close very soon and drain all the clients’ money into their offshore accounts. In such a situation, it is recommended to bypass the services of this company by a party and not to trust the empty promises of managers-thieves from AvaTrade. One destiny awaits all the customers of this company – bankruptcy and debts!

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