Rickom-Trust reviews -!!! SCAM !!!

Rickom Trust is a dealing center that is known worldwide for its fraudulent schemes aimed at zeroing accounts and ruining customers. This dubious project works under the guise of a serious company, but in practice it tries to dissolve its customers even on trifles. Scum from Rick-Trust cheat users by charging a large percentage of dividends, hidden commission increases, etc.

The greatest claims of the clients of this company concern non-payment of money. Problems with the withdrawal of funds scam artists from Rick-Trust explain a variety of reasons. These may be technical problems or problems with user verification. In any case, customers of this troubled office should not wait for a refund. Rick-Trust’s cheating managers have long since appropriated their clients’ money. They are confident of their impunity, since so far no manager of this company has suffered a real punishment for their financial crimes.

Experienced traders also criticize this company for the many paid complementary reviews. This method of deceiving and divorcing naive customers allows you to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. At the same time for such illegal actions deceivers from Rick-Trust will not suffer any punishment.

All the work of this company is a complete farce. All licenses, certificates and other documents – this is a fake, designed for customers-suckers who are willing to invest their money in a dubious project.

As a result, Rick-Trust is another kitchen broker for whom customer welfare is an empty sound. This broker is only interested in its own benefits. This is evidenced by numerous negative reviews deceived forex traders.

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