Chargeback is a divorce: another trick to extort money

The chargeback procedure is now being promoted on every corner. If you were deceived – did not send the goods or fraudsters withdrew money from the card, you can return it. And it really is. Receiving the right to issue VISA and MasterCard cards, each bank signs an agreement under which it is obliged to […]

Chargeback: a refund or another round of fraudulent schemes?

You start looking for ways to return the money and get hooked by scammers, or they themselves come out to you and offer to “restore justice”. Money should be taken from where they are found. Therefore, the financial markets are always full of people. And this is not only investors, management companies and brokers, but […]

Forex4you-!!! SCAM !!!

Forex4you is a real trickster who can even circle an experienced trader’s finger. This dealing center will stop at nothing. He uses very sophisticated methods of luring money. Remember that negative reviews indicate a large number of scams from this broker. Many newcomers have suffered from this dubious organization. These novice investors are unlikely to […]

Fraud in the cryptocurrency market

Cryptorok is a sphere of great opportunities for investors. Even beginning traders without deep knowledge and understanding of the exchange can start earning money here. But even in this market, fraudsters have already appeared. After reviewing the main types of fraud, you can protect yourself from financial losses. On crypto-market there are the following schemes […]

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