Chargeback is a divorce: another trick to extort money

The chargeback procedure is now being promoted on every corner. If you were deceived – did not send the goods or fraudsters withdrew money from the card, you can return it. And it really is. Receiving the right to issue VISA and MasterCard cards, each bank signs an agreement under which it is obliged to take measures in cases of citizens ‘ complaints about fraud, unauthorized account transactions or violations of the rules of trading in online stores. So what is the deception? Let’s try to figure it out.

Point #1. Money is not returned from brokers

The undisputed leader of requests for chargeback is statements about fraud on the part of forex brokers. And as soon as you enter a request, Google will give you ads from a dozen agencies that are ready to return the money deposited to you with a 100% guarantee. It is important to know that there is a fraud behind this:

  • First, payment systems do not return money from brokers. The reason for this is the same risk agreement that you confirmed by registering on the website of a dubious company;
  • Secondly, often these “law offices” hide the same people who have already deceived you. And the logic here is simple: if a naive person gave a couple of thousand dollars to a broker, then a lawyer can divorce him for the same amount. And why not?
  • And finally, there is nothing difficult in writing an application to the bank yourself. We are obliged to accept it from you. And why would employees resist if they have a profit from every transaction, including the refund?

Therefore, if they try to convince you that chargeback is difficult, do not believe it. Just like the scammers who will call you in a week or two after the end of the proceedings with the broker about the merged deposit or blocking the withdrawal of funds. After all, if you think logically, they could only get your phone number in one way: in the database of the same SPAM that stole your money.

In what cases does the chargeback work?

The refund procedure was not invented as a means against fraud, but as a protection against theft of money and unauthorized transactions. Therefore, it is not difficult to conduct it if:

  • Transactions on the account were completed without passing the confirmation codes sent to your phone or without entering the PIN offline and CVC online;
  • In the proof of the cheating by the online store – no invoice number, it is a long walk for some countries or even the void of information on request;
  • Proven facts of fraud.

In each of these situations, you can contact the bank with a request to provide you with a dispute form and samples of its completion. You will not have to wait for a refund for a long time – the money is automatically debited from the bank account that received the payment. In case of refusal, you will be provided with an official response indicating its reason.

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