Chargeback: a refund or another round of fraudulent schemes?

You start looking for ways to return the money and get hooked by scammers, or they themselves come out to you and offer to “restore justice”.
Money should be taken from where they are found. Therefore, the financial markets are always full of people. And this is not only investors, management companies and brokers, but also an army of thousands of scammers. Taking money from the people, they continue to thrive and scare away all those who want to get rich with an abundance of negativity on the web. But if you think that the fraud ends when the account is blocked or the deposit is merged – you are mistaken. After all, there is still a chargeback, in which you will probably try to lure all the same “kitchens”.

How does this happen?

There are usually two scenarios for the development of events. In the first case, you yourself start looking for ways to return the money and fall for the hook of scammers, in the second – they themselves come out to you and offer to “restore justice”. And the motivation of such Robin Hoods is always different: from the high mission of fighting evil to the reward game. Next, you will find a new epic:

  • First, you will send all the documents and transfer the prepayment;
  • Then the manager will tell you that the bank has requested some commission;
  • And then you will receive a notification that the money is frozen in your account and you need to pay a certain amount to unfreeze it. Agree, a spectacular way to get money! And it does not matter that such a service does not exist in a number of countries at all;
  • And even after payment, the fraudster will not stop – he will come up with new commissions, fines and penalties as long as you regularly pay them.

An even more sophisticated scheme of deception is that you are offered to top up the account of the same broker for 10-30% of the lost amount in order to “unfreeze the account”. It’s easy to guess that the same people are behind all this.

Chargeback: another trick of scammers

It is important to know that the refund is really provided by the VISA, MasterCard systems in case of fraud or unauthorized transactions. Therefore, it is not always possible to calculate the crook immediately. In any case, to protect yourself from fraud, refuse to make a prepayment for services. Insist that you will be able to pay for the work of lawyers only after the money is returned to the account. And you can also offer the manager to sign the contract at a personal meeting in the company’s office. 90% of scammers under such conditions evaporate. And the remaining 10% will probably do everything possible to return your money and get your interest.

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