Abshire-Smith reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

Abshire-Smith is a dealing center that makes forex traders a lot of money. With the help of various fraudulent schemes, this company managed to fool users by several hundred thousand dollars.

In the negative reviews deceived Abshire-Smith customers all complaints are reduced to problems with the withdrawal of money. This broker explains the non-payment of money problems with user verification. But all the deceived clients of this dubious project claim that they have long been verified and the real reason for the lack of withdrawal is the desire of scum from Abshire-Smith to appropriate the money for traders themselves.

Any complaints from disgruntled customers are ignored. Moreover, the scammers from Ebshire-Smith practice blocking customers’ accounts, which particularly zealously express their dissatisfaction with the quality of service.

This company is also known for the fact that its representatives regularly leave paid complimentary reviews in which they extol themselves. Such reviews are a hoax and one of the ways to divorce gullible forex traders. In fact, the page with real reviews of these scammers is as follows:

Deceived traders from around the world unite in communities in order to punish Abshire-Smith for all illegal actions and financial crimes. In order not to get into such communities, traders should think twice before giving their money to thieves from Ebshire Smith.

Abshire-Smith in its advertising brochures promises traders the ability to quickly make big money. But in practice, this company is another fraud broker who works solely to “help” traders to drain the deposit.

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