CentroCredit reviews – !!! SCAM !!!

Broker CentroCredit is not very well known among forex traders. Nevertheless, this dealing center managed to become world famous for its fraudulent schemes and financial crimes.

In negative reviews, deceived users most often mention the problem of non-payment of money. This broker does not withdraw clients’ money, explaining the rejection of problems with verification. But clients of this dubious project confidently say that there are no problems. The riders from CentroCredit simply wish to fool forex traders and appropriate their money to themselves.

Dozens of illegal actions committed by fraudsters from CentroCredit are indicated as evidence. In the comments thrown customers claim that the scum from the brokerage company CentroCredit have not yet been punished for any offense committed.

This company is also known for its boorish attitude to customers. Managers, analysts and support service representatives are constantly rude to traders and try to dissolve them in every possible way.

SCAM is not the only problem for clients of this broker. Traders also complain that you can find hundreds of paid-up complimentary reviews on the Internet, which mislead gullible and novice players. As a result, there are hundreds of cases in which CentroCredit clients remained bankrupt and debtors. Moreover, the debts of the deceived clients of this company are often measured in tens of thousands of dollars.

All the evidence suggests that CentroCredit is the worst investment option. Clients of this company are expected only by deception, ruin and a debt pit. Therefore, thieves from CentroCredit cannot trust their finances under any circumstances.

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