FX Optimax reviews – !!! SCAM !!!

FX Optimax – another dealing center, which shamelessly deceives users and spread them on the headstock. The deceived clients of this broker warn all forex traders in their negative reviews: in no case do not give your money to scammers from FX Optimax!

This dubious project is known for not paying money to its customers. Constant problems with the withdrawal of funds forced the clients of this broker to seek justice in the courts. However, scammers from FX Optimax have not yet been punished for their illegal actions and financial crimes.

According to the deceived traders, this company works according to the standard scheme of a broker-scam. First, obsessive managers persuade traders to replenish their accounts and start the game. After that, they rob and cheat customers. Then the insolent from the PF Optimax offer the bankrupt trader to refill the account and try to recoup. This continues until the trader understands that he has been divorced. But more often than not, such a fraudulent scheme ends in bankruptcy and customer ruin.

If a client begins to openly express his dissatisfaction with the work of a broker, scum from FX Optimax instantly block the account and close access to the account. Thus, all the client’s money goes to FX Optimax’s manager-thieves.

In their reviews, former clients of the company also warn that FX Optimax is a pyramid that will soon collapse.

This brokerage company is a vivid example of the fact that you shouldn’t trust the empty words of scammers who promise to get fast and big profit. Such promises, as a rule, end in zeroing the account and bankruptcy of the client.

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