ActivTrades reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

ActivTrades is a dealing center that is seen participating in various fraudulent schemes and financial crimes. This dubious project is constantly changing its names and addresses of official sites. Such actions are inherent exclusively to fraudsters and scammers who are trying to appear before the new customers “clean” and “saints.”

AktivTreyds is known to all as a broker who never pays money. Problems with the withdrawal of money begin immediately after the forex trader puts his profit on the withdrawal. These scum can explain the lack of money problems with verification, technical work and many other reasons. In any case, ActiveTrades clients can no longer see their money. Their account is blocked and completely reset.

ActivTrades deceives and breeds customers according to the standard kitchen broker scheme. At first, the intrusive managers from ActiveTrades promise their customers gold mountains, and then they rip them off to the skin. Standard tools are used to attract traders: paid reviews, a nice website, promises of quick money, etc.

ActivTrades is included in all lists of black brokers. On the Internet, you can find hundreds of negative reviews, in which traders complain about the facts of fraud and SCAM activities.

ActiveTrade is a kitchen that earns money by draining deposits and divorcing customers for big money. This company is a “bubble”, which will surely burst after a critical mass of deceived customers.

But there is no doubt that this muddy project will soon be “resurrected” under a different name and will start breeding new unsuspecting clients. Reveling in their impunity, the scum of ActiveTrades are ready to dissolve any trader with money!

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