Admiral Markets reviews – SCRAPERS !!! SCAM !!!

Admiral Markets is a dealing center that constantly deceives and dilutes its customers for big money. On the Internet you can find a lot of negative reviews about Admiral Markets, in which traders point to the facts of SCAM activities and financial crimes.

In the negative comments of forex traders, such a problem as non-payment of money is most often noted. Moreover, the problem of withdrawal of funds is relevant for all customers of this company, without exception.

Traders complain that scammers from Admiral Markets are constantly delaying the issuance of profit and explain this by problems with user verification. But in fact, verification is nothing to do with. This broker categorically does not want to return money to traders and constantly blocks customer accounts.

Complaints also concern the work of the support service. According to traders, this company employs exclusively incompetent boors who do not even want to hear about customer problems.

Admiral Markets is a company that could be used to collect huge dirt. But she still has not suffered any punishment for her illegal actions. This fact testifies to the fact that Admiral Markets are “covered” by rather serious people.

Traders who fell for this broker unanimously declare that Admiral Markets is a scam that only aims at draining deposits. Scum of this company is not interested in the fate of customers. They are ready to do everything to take the last money from the trader. There is a case in which scammers from Admiral Markets deceived a woman who decided to invest in this project in order to receive funds for the child’s operation.

Before you respond to the offer of the bastards from Admiral Markets, you should remember this case and once again carefully think whether they should give their money.

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