ADS Securities London reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

ADS Securities London is a dealing center famous worldwide for its financial crimes and fraudulent schemes. This company was created solely to drain deposits and reset customer accounts.

In the negative reviews of forex traders who have collaborated with this scam, most often mentioned problems with the withdrawal of funds. Non-payment of money scum from ADS Securities London, as a rule, explain the problems with user verification. But the traders themselves categorically state that there is no problem at all. In fact, this broker just wants to cheat and dilute the client, taking his money.

The principle of this kitchen broker is extremely simple. At first, he lures a beginner or an overly gullible trader into his “trap”. Then the cunning managers of the company part customer deposit. After the money is received, the scum from ADS Securities London instantly lose interest in the client and begin to gradually drain his account.

After some time, the deceived trader begins to realize that he was divorced and thrown into money. But any complaints and demands for a refund are in vain. This dubious project has not yet been punished for its unlawful actions.

Given the problems that all ADS Securities London customers face, investing in this company is a wrong decision. Traders who plan to entrust their money to scammers should know that such a decision always ends in bankruptcy and a debt pit.

Therefore, ADS Securities London needs to add to its black list of brokerage companies and never resist the temptation to invest real money in this muddy project.

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