Aqulla reviews – SCAMMERS !!! SCAM !!!

Aqulla is a dealing center that promotes fraudulent schemes aimed at discharging customer deposits. This dubious project is known for the fact that its scam managers “draw” quotes on their own, thereby deceiving the gullible forex traders.

Before you give your money to fraudsters from Aqulla, it is worth knowing that this company is registered offshore – in the Seychelles. Due to this, Aqulla is not subject to domestic legislation and can breed Russian traders in a variety of ways.

In the negative reviews about this company, most traders emphasize problems with the withdrawal of funds. In the company itself, non-payment of money is explained by problems with user verification. However, customers claim that they had no problems with registration or verification. And similar excuses of scammers from Aqulla are excuses typical of any SCAM broker.

Traders who zealously protect their rights and demand a refund from these scumbags risk being in for a perpetual ban. Swindlers from Aqulla block accounts to all dissatisfied customers. All the money in these accounts gently merge offshore and disappear forever in the pockets of fraudsters from Aqulla.

The fact that the Shark is a scam, is evidenced by the fact that there is no legal address of the company in the public domain. All that is known is that it is registered in the Seychelles and does not have a license to operate in Russia and other CIS countries.

All these facts are evidence that Sharkhula will not be punished for his numerous financial crimes and unlawful actions. Therefore, you should not cooperate with this broker under any pretext.

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