Kappa Brokers (Kappa Brokers) reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

Kappa Brokers is a forbidden brokerage company, which in no case should not cooperate. This dealing center is known worldwide for financial crimes committed against the interests of its clients.

Studying the negative reviews about this company, it becomes clear that the scam managers from Kappa Brokers managed to dissolve their clients for hundreds of thousands of dollars. All feedback on this dubious project comes down to recommendations not to invest your savings there. This broker does not withdraw money and explains all the problems with verification.

Permanent illegal actions of this broker are explained very simply – his activity is regulated exclusively in the offshore zone. This company does not fall under Russian jurisdiction. Therefore, it can deceive and breed Russian customers with complete impunity. According to official information, the location of this scam is a small island in the Indian Ocean.

Scammers from Kappa Brokers use primitive fraudulent schemes. At first, they lure customers with empty promises and paid positive feedback. Then by any means they extort as much as possible from the client. After that, the account merges, and the managers evaporate and switch to new suckers.

SCAM is not the only problem of this broker. This dubious office is also famous for its boorish attitude towards customers, who are kept there for suckers and slaves.

Kappa Brokers is a broker whose services should be avoided. This company will not help you earn, but on the contrary will make you bankrupt and debtors. Checked by hundreds of deceived and abandoned customers who had to sell their property in order to return debts and pay their bills.

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