Gofmakler reviews – !!! SCAM !!!

Gofmakler – is a Russian brokerage company, which is famous for many illegal actions and financial crimes. The only purpose of the Gofmakler brokers is to divorce the money of gullible traders who believed in the “tales” of the auspicious and intrusive managers of this company.

Numerous negative reviews about this company confirm the fact that it is aimed solely at draining deposits and zeroing customers’ accounts.

All traders who worked with this pseudo-broker complain about problems with the withdrawal of funds. Gofmakler categorically refuses to issue money, citing problems with verification. At the same time, traders claim that such problems arise only after the client delivers honestly earned money for withdrawal.

Non-payment of money is the main, but not the only problem. Funders from Gofmakler also regularly cheat users with the help of manipulation of the trading terminal. There are cases when the thieves from Gofmakler bred customers hundreds of thousands of rubles.

This broker uses in its work not one fraudulent scheme. Regardless of the actions and success of the trader, he still remains with empty pockets. Scammers from this dubious office will do everything possible to dilute you to the last penny.

Gofmakler does not deserve the slightest attention. This forex broker constantly deceives and throws its clients with big money. Do not trust them with your money! And if you have already become customers of this scam, do everything possible to collect your money as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will also go bankrupt and get into debt trap.

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