Binomo reviews – FRAUDS !!! SCAM !!!

Binomo is a dealing center that judging by the numerous negative customer reviews is a fraudulent organization. This company is known for deceiving and breeding ordinary people for big money. Thousands of forex traders have already drained deposits and become bankrupt. In order not to repeat their mistakes, traders in any case should not invest in this dubious project.

This broker uses a variety of fraudulent schemes in order to prevent its customers to make money and stay in the black. For this dubious project peculiar to SCAM and constant manipulation of the trading terminal.

If the trader has managed to make a profit, he still will not be able to withdraw his money, since Binomo has huge problems with the withdrawal of funds. Broker explains non-payment of money problems with verification. But his clients believe that, in fact, scammers from Binomo have long taken away the money of traders and revel in their impunity. Despite the presence of a huge number of facts of fraudulent activities, this broker has not yet been punished for its illegal actions and financial crimes.

The main purpose of the scammers from Binomo are beginner and naive forex traders who believe in empty promises about fast money. This broker not only will not bring real profit, he will do everything possible to reset the accounts of clients and their bankruptcy.

Binomo is a kitchen that constantly throws its customers at big money. This broker will stop at nothing until it clears the client’s account. In the course are any schemes and methods of divorce. Given the reputation of Binomo, his clients should take their money as quickly as possible and forget about this muddy organization.

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