Cboe FX dealing center (Hotspot FX LLC) – !!! SCAM !!!

Black broker Cboe FX (Hotspot FX LLC) has a very bad reputation in trading circles. Despite this, he continues to deceive naive newcomers and to lure all their savings from them. Using trade simulation methods allows you to maintain customer confidence for a long time and force them to transfer the last money to the account. The deposit is merged when the scammer reaches his goal. But this does not end there. After blocking your personal account, you may have big problems with the bank. The fact is that the availability of personal data will allow this thief to get to your credit accounts. Because of this, many of the former clients of this broker are now in a deep debt hole.

This lying swindler can promise you education, untold wealth and complete protection against financial risks. But you should understand that these are all typical tricks. You can never take advantage of the terms of trade that this organization offers. All scammers operate according to this scheme. First, they inspire confidence in a person, then they attract him with very favorable conditions. The trader in the early stages sees that he is really making good money and wants to earn even more. But here the mousetrap begins to shut. You transfer all the money to the deposit, after which the account is blocked, and the broker adds you to the black list.

There are a lot of such cuisines in the forex market, but Cboe FX (Hotspot FX LLC) is known to many due to the terrifying scale of fraud. Keep in mind that this scammer invests a lot of money in improving his reputation. That is why positive reviews appear on the network from time to time. If you meet them, then know that these are just paid answers.

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